Successful portfolio building stems from strong diversification strategies and suitability assessments. Our asset management team has established a strong track record in implementing such strategies, both internally and for our clients.

Asset allocation
We advise our clients on asset allocation structures in accordance with needs, long-term objectives, and risk tolerance. We offer discretionary and non-discretionary services to ensure clients’ comfort and satisfaction.

Investment management

Our professional investment services are tailored to the needs of individual clients. We always pursue opportunities across a broad range of asset classes and originate investment ideas by leveraging our global network of relationships to ensure best-in-case deal execution.

Fund management
Our asset management team develops, sources, structures, and manages specific investment vehicles across regions and along the risk-and-return spectrum.

Our services can be customized to include or exclude countries or sectors, and can be further tailored to meet clients’ benchmark sensitivity or asset-liability matching needs.

LIBANK Global Balanced Fund

Our LIBANK Global Balanced Fund provides investors access returns consistent with a balanced strategy, including a global and equal allocation between fixed income and equities. The Fund follows a risk-adjusted strategy through geographic diversification and security selection.