Successful portfolio building stems from strong diversification strategies and suitability assessments. Our asset management team has established a strong track record in implementing such strategies, both internally and for our clients.

Portfolio Advisory

We advise our clients on asset allocation structures in accordance with needs, long-term objectives, and risk tolerance. We offer discretionary and non-discretionary services to ensure clients’ comfort and satisfaction.

Fund Management

Our asset management team develops, sources, structures, and manages specific investment vehicles across regions and along the risk-and-return spectrum.

Our services can be customized to include or exclude countries or sectors, and can be further tailored to meet clients’ benchmark sensitivity or asset-liability matching needs.

Investment Management

Our professional investment services are tailored to the needs of individual clients. We always pursue opportunities across a broad range of asset classes and originate investment ideas by leveraging our global network of relationships to ensure best-in-case deal execution.

Annual Average Performance* (4Y)

* Past success does not guarantee future performance.


We are long term investors. We do not engage in speculation nor extensive trading. We invest in quality securities and exit when their values are fully appreciated.

Types of Strategies

  • Risk Adjusted Growth: Geographic and security diversification with a large emphasis on stocks
  • Income: Orientation towards income generation with an emphasis on Fixed Income securities
  • Balanced: A combination of both RAG and Income strategies

Asset Classes

  • Stocks
  • Fixed Income
  • Other liquid securities (money market, currencies, etc.)

Annual Fees

Annual Fees

**A hurdle would be a predetermined level of return a portfolio must meet to earn a performance fee. Hurdles can take the form of an index or a set, predetermined percentage. For example, if a performance of 10% is subject to a 7% hurdle, a performance fee would be charged only on the 3% difference.


For information  or requests, please write our asset management team:


LIBANK Global Balanced Fund

Global Balanced Fund provides investors access returns consistent with a balanced strategy, including a global and equal allocation between fixed income and equities. The Fund follows a risk-adjusted strategy through geographic diversification and security selection.
LIBANK GBF July 2023 Fact Sheet

Products and Services

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