In a fast developing market, LIBANK offers you a wide range of services to build and grow sustainable and profitable business, including medium and long term liquidity facilities and credit extension to individuals, SMEs and Corporates, on a collateralized basis as per the investment bank law 50/83

Lending Services

Our clients are at the core of everything we do. We seek to understand and appreciate each of their unique set of circumstances and are dedicated to customizing their needs and banking solutions that distinguish their individuality. Using your assets, such as securities and real estate, as collateral, the credit team can structure bespoke credit solutions that provide the liquidity you require in a flexible and highly accessible manner.

Our cross-border presence allows us to provide term loans to local and international enterprises with operations in various industries, while remaining in line with our long-term views and loan criteria.

Medium and Long Term Loans

With LIBANK’s credit line, you will have the opportunity to access credit facilities to leverage your investments or generate liquidity to address business and lifestyle needs by supporting your cash flow to meet your business goals.

Our services help companies optimize debt structures based on corporate strategy, working capital requirements and business type.


Project Finance
Housing Loans
 Subsidized Loans
 Letter of Guarentees

Project Finance

Project finance is a loan dedicatedly provided to corporate borrowers for a specific project which requires medium to long term financing and capital expenditure on new or existing project.

We can provide you with the financing from groundbreaking to completion to finance large commercial, industrial, utility and infrastructure development projects.

Housing Loans

You are one step closer to owning your dream house. LIBANK offers individuals and households, a customized housing loan to facilitate the process purchase your residence.

We offer affordable home loans at attractive interest rates for long tenor.

Subsidized Loans

In association with Banque Du Liban (BDL), LIBANK offers subsidized loans covering businesses and projects related to industry, tourism, agriculture and other sectors detailed in BDL circulars.

Letter of Guarantees

A bank guarantee is a promise by a financial institution to pay on behalf of its customers if they are not able to meet their contractual obligations. LIBANK issues a wide range of guarantees for various business purposes.

We'll verify your information and review your credit profile. If your application meets our borrowing criteria, you'll get approved for a specific amount with a specific interest rate and repayment term.

For information or requests, please write our credit management team:


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