At LIBANK, we support everyone who wants to move forward: Investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, companies, and employees. Today and tomorrow. We believe in the human values and accessibility of our experts. It is what makes us solid and resilient, even in the most uncertain and difficult times.

LIBANK also wants to be the best place to work. We want to attract talented employees and do everything we can to keep them. That is why we constantly invest in their personal development and talents.

A healthy environment is also LIBANK’s concern; so to keep employees and clients safe during the pandemic of COVID 19, all safety measures are applied at the workplace and continuous awareness campaigns and medical follow-ups are done to keep all employees healthy and safe.

Our family shareholders embody our human approach and anchor our bank's capital. They are the guarantors of our flexibility and stability across the years.

While strategies and practices may change in a fast-paced world, our corporate values remain intact, and our mission affirmed. These values are the essence to our organizational culture and are central to our employees' commitment as well as to our commitment to our clients and the community.

As a socially responsible entity, and being conscious of the tradeoff between economic development and the welfare of society and the environment, LIBANK contributed to activities that are beneficial to both the economy and the community, thus respecting and maintaining a balance between the economy and the ecosystem.


  • Finance and fundraise for the renovation of Deir Mar Elias in Chouaia El Metn


  • Organization and sponsorship of the Panorama du Cinéma Libanais in Brazil – 2017
  • Sponsorship of the Tripoli Film Festival – 2018
  • Sponsorship of the Tripoli International Festival – 2018
  • Sponsorship of the Tania Kassis Concert – 2019
  • Sponsorship of an online fundraising concert for Easter entitled: “SABAT MATER, A Reflection on Death and Resurrection” – 2021


  • Donation and volunteering of the LIBANK employees with the Chabrouh project of the Order of Malta 2014 – 2018
  • Donation to the Lebanese Red Cross –Q2-2020
  • Donation to the Lebanese Army Q2-2020
  • Donation to Rafic Hariri University Hospital Q2-2020
  • Donation to the employees of Rafic Hariri University Hospital Q2-2020
  • Donation to Tripoli governmental hospital Q2-2020
  • Donation to Achrafieh 2020 NGO Q2-2020
  • Donation to Tadamoun NGO (Tripoli) Q2-2020
  • Donation to Basma NGO (on a personal level, not the Bank) – Q2-2020
  • Donations to individuals affected by Beirut Port Explosions of August 4th, 2020 (Port of Beirut Blast post and content is already available on the website, so we just copy it) – H2-2020
  • Donations to families taken care of by Trait-D’union NGO – H2-2020
  • Donations to people in need in Tripoli – on a yearly basis – Q4-2020
  • Donations to people in need in Jezzine and Beirut (Q42020 – Q12021)
  • Donation for food boxes distribution in Tripoli Q2-2020
  • Donation for an agricultural initiative (Alternative Society) – Q2-2020
  • Donation to Basecamp / Baytna Baytak – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Humans Without Borders – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Foundation Al Tawarek – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Saint George Hospital – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Nini Hospital – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Geitaoui Hospital – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Sacré Coeur Hospital – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Notre Dame des Secours Hospital – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Jezzine Governmental Hospital – Q2-2021
  • Donation to Sainte Thérèse Hospital – Q2-2021
  • Financial support to hundreds of families in need of medication, food, scholarships – Q2-2021
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