is a private and independent investment bank

We provide a wide range of investment products, advisory services, and innovative solutions to help our clients formulate their needs and achieve their financial objectives.

Whether with our private or institutional investors, our focus is relationship building – we are committed to our clients’ financial success and satisfaction.

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Founded in 2012 as a boutique private bank, LIBANK quickly established itself as a distinguished, international investment bank with a strong global network of clients and services.

Private Banking

We believe that the foundation for superior banking services is based on deep personal relationships and understanding of our clients’ needs. We develop and retain ...

Asset Management

Successful portfolio building stems from strong diversification strategies and suitability assessments. Our asset management team has established a strong track.

Investment Banking

Our investment banking team provides institutional and private clients with a full scope of capital and advisory services to support business needs. We help companies optimize ...


Debt financing is a key element of our business. For private or corporate clients, we provide collateralize and subsidized loan solutions, in accordance and compliance ...

Our Engagement to the Community

LIBANK is committed to making a positive impact by helping people and communities succeed financially - and creating solutions for a stronger, more sustainable future in which everyone can grow and prosper.
We are proud of our robut philantropy and legacy of serving and supporting those in need throughout Lebanon. We use our resources and expertise to address societal issues and pave a path to stability and financial success for the underserved.


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Audited Financial Statement

Financial Statement


Audited Financial Statements

Financial Statement


Audited Financial Statements

Financial Statement

Annual Report 2019

Financial Reports

A virtuous Solution to the Lebanese Crisis

Financial Reports

This document details a step-by-step action plan to address the Lebanese financial and economic crisis, with the aim to minimize the financial losses in the system and avoid any haircut on depositors.
A Virtuous Solution To The Lebanese Financial & Economic Crisis


Audited Financial Statements

Financial Statement

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