Company Profile

Founded in 2012 to provide financial services to a group of international clients, LIBANK quickly established itself as a distinguished private bank with a client network across the Levant, Latin America, and the UK.


LIBANK is positioned to provide banking, corporate finance, asset management, and investment services to its private and institutional clients throughout several geographies, with a focus on the UK.

Since its inception, LIBANK prioritized the development of its reach and services in the UK market as it represents a natural hedge to the risks, and profits, inherent to the Levant and the Middle East.

Structure and network

Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, LIBANK services its international clients through a team of dedicated professionals with extensive financial expertise, and a continuously developing network of partner institutions in the UK.

LIBANK complements its core business activities with an investment portfolio in high potential companies which it supports with pre-agreed professional services. Since its launch, LIBANK has developed a strategic portfolio of local and international firms in education, media, technology, fashion, real estate, and financial services. 

Corporate governance

LIBANK is committed to operate within the framework of strong corporate governance standards and a sound legal infrastructure. The Bank’s corporate governance is led by the Board of Directors’ duty to act in good faith, in accordance with standards to safeguard shareholders’ interests. The legal environment is developed in line with LIBANK’s local and international operations. 

Board committees
Consistent with the laws and regulations set by the BDL, the Board includes four committees: 

- Audit Committee 
- Risk Committee 
- Remuneration Committee 
- AML/CFT Committee 

Each committee is chaired by an independent and non-executive director.